Miscellaneous fishing

  Miscellaneous fishing gear are of many types, different design and locally used by fishermen in inland fisheries in Myanmar. It covers a variety of gear with mixed method and operation technique. It is however, used by hand during operation. These fishing gear are used in particular to catch areas their target species, for example; inlay basket, eel clamp, cover pot or plunge basket, hand spear and cover pot with
tamarind wood scared line .

Fishing Gear and Methods

                                     1. Plung Basket
                                        - Inlay Basket
                                        - Cover Pot or Plunge Basket
                                        - Plunge Basket with Tamarind Wood Scared Line
                                     2. Eel Clamp
                                     3. Beam Trawl
                                     4. Brush-Bundle Basket
                                     5. Human-Dolphin Cooperative Fishery
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