Gill net

     Gill net is very popular in the small scale fisheries in Myanmar. Because of simplicity in its design, construction, operation and low investment cost makes the gill net preferred gear for the smallscale fishermen. There are many types of gill net operation in Myanmar inland water. It is common to see variation in design from one place to another according to the available fishery resources. Gill nets are classified in many ways depending on types of operation the types of target species, and its behaviors, the design of gill nets varies. There are drift gill net, surface gill net, bottom set gill net, set gill net and trammel net.
     The fishing boats used in gill net fishery of inland water are small and engine power about 5 Hp or not powered at all. The gill nets is most commonly used for catching pelagic fishes such as snake head, butter catfish, hilsa, rohtee, and miscellaneous etc,.

Fishing Gear and Methods

                                          1. Drift Gill Net

                                          2. Set Gill Net

                                          3. Trammel Net

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