Working team

Editors:           Ing Try1 , Somboon Siriraksophon2 and Isara Chanrachkit2
Researcher:    Pratakphol Prajakjitt2, Narong Ruangsivakul2 and Songphon Chindakan2
Illastrators:    Pratakphol Prajakjitt2 ,Narong Ruangsivakul2 and Songphon Chindakan2
Map:               Siriporn Pangsorn2 and Sirisuk Petchamnan3
Web design & database: Ms.Woraluk Mesomwat2 and Sirisuk Petchamnan3

1. The Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Cambodia
2. Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center/Training Department, Samut-Prakan, Thailand
3. School of engineering and Resources Management, Walailak University, Nakornsithammarat, Thailand

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