7.1 Man-Push Net
This type of push net is a triangularly framed collapsible net being operated by one or more fishermen at 0.5-1.5 m depth along the coastal areas or in rivers. The capture of fish is effected by the forward pushing of the net by the fisherman. From time to time, he raises the netto pickup the catch.
           The net is mostly constructed from fine twine with a mesh size of nylon multifilament 210d/2-210d/4 and polyethylene minnow net 400d/6. The length of the net is 1.7-5.0 m while the groundrope is 1.25-4.0 m. The poles are either made of bamboo or mangrove wood. It is 1.8-4.0 m long with a diameter of 3-5 cm. The ends of the poles are provided with gliders or shoes to prevent the poles from sticking the bottom.
             During operations, there are two ways of attaching the floatline to the poles. The floatline is either tied wholly to the poles or it is provided with loops at regular intervals which are reeved to the poles. A tickler chain is sometimes placed in front of the groundrope to stimulate shrimps to jump into the net during pushing.

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