Miscellaneous Gear

Miscellaneous Gear Fishing

            There are many miscellaneous types of gear used by fishermen. Although their existence is unrecorded, most of them are considered accessories or secondary parts of major gear for catching a particular species. It covers a variety of gear with mixed methods and techniques of operation. It is however, used by hand during operations. Others are dug in mud to make a hole near the shore or in tidal flats. Several branches or twigs of trees or bamboos are placed into the hole as shelter. During high tide, fish are brought to the shore and blocked by the hole. As the tide recedes, the fish will be left in the hole. Fishermen then remove the branches and collect the fish by hand or in a scoop net.


Fishing Gear and Methods

             Miscellaneous Gears in the Philippines can be grouped into five type.

 14.1  Octopus Luring Device

   14.2   Spear Gun

   14.3   Squid Luring Device

   14.4   Miracle Hole

   14.5   Gaff Hook