Hook and Line

Hook and Line Fishing

              Hook and Line is one of the most common fishing gear for both the municipal and commercial sectors. It rank sixth (6 th ) by producing 24,270 mt or 2.72% in commercial fisheries production in 1995. Troll line and longline also contributed 883 mt (0.10%) and 4,019 mt (0.43%) respectively. In the municipal sector, hook and line is the second most productive gear producing 187,502 mt or 23.87% of the sector catch in 1995. Longline, Troll line, Jigger and pole and line contributed 24,885 mt (2.10%), 11,660 mt (1.48%), 8,847 mt (1.33%) and 6.22 mt (0.08%) respectively.

              The commercial hook and line uses outriggered boats from 3 to 30 GT. The mother boat tows several unpowered dug-out bancas or canoes tot he fishing ground at dawn. Each small banca has 1 To 3 fishermen on board doing handlining or trolling. At the end of the day, their catches are collected by the mother boat which tows them back to a sheltered area, or port. In some cases, the dugout bancas measuring 7 m x 0.5 m x 0.5 m are carried on top of the outrigger beams of the mother boat. The commercial longlines are primarily used for tuna and tuna-like species.

             The municipal hook and line uses a banca less than 3 GT which are either motorized or non-motorized. Most motorized bancas operate in coastal waters for pelagic and demersal species and fish aggregating devices (FADs) set in offshore waters for tuna. Troll lines are set for fish schools and near FADs. Longlines are usually bottom set longlines for catching demersal fish such as lizardfish, bream, grouper, snapper, sharks and others.

               Hook and line fishing has many variations in terms of design, construction and techniques of operation. Each region has its own method of application but depends primarily on the behavior and habitat of the target species.


Fishing Gear and Methods

             Hook and lines in the Philippines can be grouped into three type.

   11.1   Hand Lines

   11.2   Troll Lines

   11.3   Longlines