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Drive-in-net Fishing

         The municipal drive-in-net is a minor fishing gear among small-scale fishermen. It is very seldom used nowadays and its contribution is less than 1% to the total municipal and commercial fishing production. Small-scale drive-in-nets differ in design, methods of operation and materials used. They are commonly operated in Bogo, Cebu ; Bolinao, Pangasinan; and Guimbal, Iloilo .

          The commeraial drive-in-net in the 1980s, the “muro-ami” had been banned together with the smaller type “Kayakas”. The use of bubbles generated by compressors through plastic hoses to scare coral reef fishes without affecting txe coral ecosystem has been introduced. It is presently operated by three fishing companies. The gear is called “Paaling” which means to wait. It is used for catching the fusiliers and other coral reef fishes. Major fishing grounds are the western and eastern waters of Palawan .


Fishing Gear and Methods

              Drive-in-nets in the Philippines can be grouped into two type.

   12.1  Drive-in-net for Flying Fish and Half-beak

   12.2  Drive-in-net for Fusiliers and Other Coral Reef Fish