6.5 Encircling Gill Net

          This type of gill net is used for fish schools feeding or moving at the sea surface. Fishermen usually operate this net during the shoaling movement of scads, sardines and mackerel. It is set in shallow waters by encircling the schools. The net touches the sea bottom thus blocking the escape of the fish below the net.
           Nylon monofilament of 0.25 mm and multifilament 210d/2 with varying mesh sizes from 28 mm to 40 mm are the materials most commonly used. The depth varies from 16 to 24 m. After encircling, the fish school are frightened by hitting the sea surface with paddles. The sound produced by the paddle will drive the fish towards the net where they are gilled.
           Encircling gill nets are commonly found in the shallow coastal waters of Manila Bay, Palawan, Antique, Bohol, and Davao.