6.3 Bottom Gill Net

        These are gill nets which target species living on or near the bottom of the sea. The major species are crabs, nimipterids, lizard fish, slipmouths, hairtail, snapper etc. Due to available good bottom conditions on many fishing grounds, bottom gill nets are very popular.
         The crab gill net is constructed to respond to the crawling behavior of the species. The net is made of Nylon monofilament of 0.20 mm diameter with a mesh size of 30 mm. The most peculiar feature is the limited number of meshes down which has only 60 meshes. It is set in shallow areas and checked very often to determine if there is a catch.
           There are also bottom gill nets that catch species which migrate diurnally. It is converted to a surface gill net during night time since the fish are swimming, or feeding, at the surface. The net is constructed with Nylon monofilament of 0.25 mm diameter and a mesh size of 42 mm. It is set usually in sandy-muddy bottoms. Some nets use Nylon monofilament of 0.4 mm diameter with a bigger mesh size of 120 mm. The most common material for bottom gill nets is the Nylon monofilament of 0.20 mm to 0.40 mm diameter and mesh sizes from 30 mm to 150 mm.

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