1. Beam Trawl

    The beam trawl is used mainly for catching shrimp, so the mesh size is usually small. The small-scale fisheries boats often use the beam trawl. Boats are of small size with engines ranging from 22 to 90 horsepower, rarely up to 250 Hp. Many small boats use 1 to 2 beam trawls, but if they use the Chinese trawling method, one big boat can pull up to 18 sets of trawls.

    The mouth of net is horizontally propped open by bamboo or steel pipes. Sometimes the fishermen use two skis that are joined together with the ground rope and head rope for slipping along the seabed easily. The fishing grounds of the beam trawl are shallow waters with a sandy-muddy bottom. Target species are shrimp, crab and small demersal fish.


Net Setting:

    If many nets are operated, the net farthest from the side of the vessel is set first, then setting the net nearer to the vessel sides. The towing wrap of the nets is secured at certain positions along the two booms because of the messenger rope.

    If a vessel is operating with a beam trawl only, it's not necessary to have booms, in this case the towing warps are secured at the stem.


Net Hauling:

    First, to be hauled is the towing warp of the net nearest to the vessel's sides, then the link between the towing warp and the messenger rope is untied, and the towing warps are gathered in until they are all laid on the deck of the vessel. Then the tie of the cod-end is opened and the shrimp and fish are emptied out.

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