Hook and Line Fishing

     In Vietnam , the development of hook and line fisheries has great potential in the future and can be operated in the offshore areas, hook and line fisheries contributed 45, 028 tons or 8.5% of the total catch in 1997.

     The development of hook and line fishery is different among the regions of Vietnam . The normal squid ( Loligo sp .) jigger is becoming very popular throughout the whole country and is used on small fishing boats with a common engine of 33-90 Hp (sometimes up to 350 Hp) are used for jigging squid. Most of these boats operate in the coastal areas.

    In recent years, jigging for flying squid in offshore waters of Central Provinces has been developing strongly and quickly. Fishermen carry out jigging on artisanal boats at night using a flickering light on the water-surface driven by a battery.

    Long line fishery is developing in the Central and Southern regions. In the Central region, tuna (yellowfin, bigeye tuna) longline is developing strongly and is used on boats of 33-350 Hp, the tuna longline of Central Provinces contributed 52.8% of the total catch of the whole country. In the Southern region, the main target species of the bottom longline are congers, fishermen use boats with engines of 45-275 Hp, and the length of the longline is 24km to 30km. The catch of longline in this region is 36.5% of the total catch of the country.

    Based on the statistics of 1997, the amount of line boats in the country was 11,492 units (data from 20 provinces). Small boats with engines of less than 90 Hp account for 98.4% of the total number of line boats.


Fishing Gear and Methods

    Hook and line fisheries in Vietnam into the following types:

- Hand Lines

- Longlines


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