Scoop Net Fishing

      This is a traditional fishing gear used from generation to generation in Vietnam . The scoop net is operated in rivers, estuaries and the coastal areas. The main target species are shrimp and fish, in which the proportion of juveniles is very high. Based on the fishing method, it can be divided into two types: One pushed by manpower is called a scoop net, the other pushed by a powered boat is called a push net. Because the invested capital for each unit is suited to the financial capacity of fishermen, the number of boats in push net fishery has increased quickly. This has caused a lot of serious damage to the resource reproduction. The regular reduction of catch leads to the fact that fishermen use explosives or electric charges together with push nets in most provinces of Vietnam .

Fishing Gear and Methods

     The structure of the fishing gear consists of two main components that are a bag-net and a scissors-shaped wood or bamboo frame. The purse-shaped net is made of nylon monofilament of 0.2 - 0.3 mm in diameter or multifilament of 380D/3x3 -380D/3x4.

    The mouth of net is linked to the scissors-shaped frame the mouth of which scrapes the seabed and is equipped with lead or chain to ensure that the mouth of push net is always on the sea bottom. The scissors-shaped frame consists of two poles, each is 16 - 22 m long. On the end of each pole is a ski for the purpose of easily skidding the frame on the seabed.

    A powered boat of up to 140 Hp pushes the push net. The operational time can be either daytime or nighttime, but the best is at night. The duration of each haul is 1 - 2 hours, and each boat has 2 - 3 fishermen.


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