Seine Net Fishing

    In Vietnam , seine net fishery is a long-standing traditional fishing method. There are two types of seine net used in marine fisheries they are the boat seine and the beach seine net. With the development of fishing techniques and the improvement from low fishing efficiency, the boat seine net is rare now. In some Northern provinces , the seine net is used on the beaches but this method is not frequent.


                                                           Fishing Gear and Methods

     Commonly, the length of the beach seine is 220-450 m and the depth ranges from 6-12 m. Minnow net is the main material for making the beach seines. The minnow net has a mesh of 4x4mm to 6x6mm polyethylene or polyamide monofilament. The main target species are anchovy, thryssa and others.

    Fishing operations of the beach seine are commonly carried out during daylight hours. However, the best fishing time is around sunrise and sunset. The boat used for the beach seines are artisanal or outboard-powered boats with engines of 6-12 Hp.

 Beach Seineing

       Beach seining is a simple fishing method. One end of the wing is held by a group of fishermen on the shore, the net is first set at right angles to the seashore and then the direction of the net setting turns gradually toward the shore. After setting all the net, the towing line of the wing is paid out and the boat runs toward the shore provided that there is a certain distance between the landing and setting points. Then, from the two ends of the wings, the buoy line and the sinker line are hauled in to catch fish.

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