Data Sources
Data and information available from various sources could be used as inputs for the Bulletin. These include the data
collected through statistical surveys, from government records and semi-governmental organizations. In addition,
data and information derived from new statistical techniques or small-scale surveys could also be used to provide
inputs to the Bulletin.
Incomplete Data
Although it is desirable that standardized and complete data be supplied for the Bulletin; data that may not be
entirely compatible with the coverage, definition and classification but could be useful should also be reported by
countries, provided that the extent of incompleteness indicated as a footnote.
Time Reference
The Fishery Statistical Bulletin of Southeast Asia has been published starting from the statistics of the year 2008. The
statistical period, in principle, covers January to December of the reporting year. In cases where country was unable
to supply the statistics of the reporting year by the timeline as indicated, the latest data available may be given,
provided that the year to which the data belongs indicated in the space provided.
Unit of Measurement
Units of measurement used in the Bulletin are standardized as follows:
- Fishery production statistics in quantity are reported in metric tons, except ornamental fish and reptiles
which are reported in pieces/numbers.
- Fishery production statistics in value are reported in US$ 1,000.
- Fish prices are reported in US$/kg.
Standard Symbols and Abbreviations
The following standard symbols and abbreviations are used throughout the tables in this Bulletin:
... = Not available
– = Magnitude zero or not applicable
0 = Magnitude insignificant, i.e., less than half of the measurement
MT = Metric Tons
US$ 1,000 = 1,000 dollars in U.S. currency
No. = Number
Q = Quantity
V = Value