2. Semi-stationary traps

2.3. Tambak (Barrier net)
     This fishing gear is made of synthetic netting material that is mounted on several bamboo stakes Figure 21 and 22). Tambak are usually set like a fence along the river banks of the inner Brunei River. This gear differs from kabat in the intended target species that is usually the Sergestid shrimps or bubuk during its season. It also differs from kabat with the use of fine meshed netting material to trap the shrimps. The operation is done by setting a fence like structure to filter the water during the tidal movement. The fisher usually takes advantage of on the water current created by the tidal change that carries the shrimp that are drifted along with it.


Setting the Barrier net
Figure 21. Setting the Barrier net

The barrier net
Figure 22. The barrier net
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