Seine net is a type of fishing gear which has been used in Thailand for long time ago, it is very simple fishing gear and method, so it is well known among small-scale fishermen the target species are fisheries resources who living along or near by shore such as acetes, shrimp, anchovy, Mullet, miscellaneous fishes etc. The most famous seine net is beach-seine.


              This rather simple gear consists of two long wing nets and a bag net, or just a rectangular net without a bag.  The wings are usually made of nylon, and in some cases there is a polyethylene minnow netting along the upper edge to retain small fish and planktonic shrimp.  Simple beach-seines without a bag net have a 25 mm mesh-size and are intended for fish only.  When there is a bag net, it is commonly made of polyethylene minnow netting, 2 x 2 mm mesh-size.  The hanging ratio of wing net is about 0.7-0.9.

              Fishing is done in the day-time, by 4-20 men, depending on the size of net.

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